As the year comes to a close, Planet Pursuits take the time to reflect on what 2016 has brought what 2017 will bring. Our Planet Pursuits staff have a world of wishes for 2017 but, we’ve managed to narrow it down to 1 wish each and we’d like to share these with you:

Simon Maddison- Director:


“Lasting prosperity for Planet Pursuits, so I can keep my lovely team employed and continue to enjoy my job running the company.”

Louise Boyce – Director:


“To continue growing positive and long relationships with our clients.”

Cindy Laing– Event Manager:


“My wish for 2017 is that I get to meet some more brilliant clients who want to have fun organising fabulous events with Planet Pursuits!”

Rachael Rafferty – Senior Travel Coordinator:


“To retain our gold reward status for 2017.”

Abi Toomey – Officer Manager:


“To have another happy and successful year filled with growth and progress within the team.”

Kerry Ellen – Accounts:


“More members joining up to our loyalty Biscuit Club.”

Joss Wood – Account Manager:


“On-going 5* service to our clients.”

Helen –Account Manager:


“I would like to see a growth in our clients for 2017.”

Emily Fisher – Apprentice:


“I would like to see our team expand further.”

Sophie Brown  – Venue finder/ Social Media:


“My wish is that we find new and innovative ways to engage with our clients in 2017.”