We recently did a BIG team build for a client (500+ delegates), followed quickly by another for 300 and then a third over 5 days in sunny Lisbon for 85. A client remarked to me, how is it you can run these big events back to back and not get stressed. I paused for a moment and said, there are three elements to a great event big or small  –

1. A great client

2. A great team

3. Flawless planning

A great client with clear vision, an understanding of budgets, set goals, a long term view on the return on investment and the ability to let go and not micro-manage, is a perfect combination. But that needs trust and a great leadership. For that we take the time to get to know our clients. Our focus is not being the biggest, but the best in our class. Over the past decade lots of our clients have become great friends.

A great team behind me is essential and top of the list is good clear communication between us all. Events can be complex and require many elements being executed in perfect symmetry. Failure of one element is not an option, as the knock on has a domino effect. A great team has experience, confidence, excellent communication skills, attention to details and good judgement.

Flawless planning and meticulous attention to detail and constantly applying a ‘what if’ approach will help a team forecast any problems and have an action plan to remedy any unforeseen problems. Stress can kill an event, so staying calming and identifying problems before they become issues helps. There’s always unforeseen problems, it’s how you manage them as a team that counts.

I recently worked for a Pharmaceutical who identified quite early on the need to outsource this to ‘the experts’ and collaboratively we executed an excellent event. All to often we see companies still asking individuals to manage elements of an important event in-house, rather than outsource, wasting hours of valuable time. Increasingly clients are seeing the benefits to call in an event management team, notwithstanding the time alone saved, they can tap into a knowledge base of an ever growing industry sector. On average about 10-15% can be spent on event management support, which in the grand scheme of things is not huge, given the results for productivity and increased revenue can be 100 fold the event spend.

Big or small, it’s the same approach for every event we manage at Planet Pursuits. But we also appreciate not ever organisation can afford event support, so here’s a few tips to managing a great event in-house – Orgnaiser Tips