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The Biscuit Club

Planet Pursuits wanted to reward and recognise their loyal clients, and travel bookers.

We thought long and hard about what sort of reward scheme we could offer, a reward scheme that our clients will feel is benefical and are excitied to be a member.
We are all fans of the wonderful “Biscuteers” and have sent these as thank you gifts or just a simple hello for the past few years.
These beautifully iced biscuits always get a great reception by you our bookers/clients. We also have a running joke in our office that we all have a folder in our inbox called ‘biscuits’ with details of our many orders.
After a brainstorm in the office the “Biscuit Club” was born. Anyhow who doesn’t like a biscuit!



Register for 1 free biscuit club point! Simply click on the biscuit and fill in your details and your account will be credited with your first point!


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How the Biscuit Club works

  1. Join today by clicking this link and receive your first point
  2. Book your travel and events through Planet Pursuits
  3. Your points will be added at the end of each month
  4. Collect you points
  5. When you are ready to redeem your points exchange them for shopping vouchers (to the same value of your points) by clicking this link
  6. Vouchers will be sent direct to you

If you are unable to accept shopping vouchers please let us know and we can make a donation to your chosen charity instead or to our nominated charity. The Rainbow Trust.

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