Planet Pursuits aren’t just about Travel Management. We can help arrange your company’s meetings and events.

Why would you use a TMC to arrange a meeting or a conferences – can’t the company PA do it?

If your PA was responsible for organising a company event, whether it’s in your home country or overseas, they would not have access to our networks, contacts or special rates.

Then they’d have to do a lot of background work, sign a lot of different contracts, make sure the suppliers have be assessed for risk, and check the venues have passed all standard requirements for fire safety, and health and safety. Booking a night in a hotel for an employee is a bit different to taking 100 people there for a conference. Delivering a successful event is another thing entirely. What comes with a TMC is trust, knowledge and negotiating skills in the meeting and events realm – skills that a company’s PA won’t necessarily have.

How is it different with a TMC?

A TMC will provide you with that knowledge and trust. Your TMC’s networking of suppliers are people they work with all the time that they have good relationships with. It’s a way of having expertise, resources and more of a global reach, as well as a way of saving time, rather than just using the internet. It also makes the booking process a lot faster; our TMC members only need to call each other for advice on suppliers. It’s a really good tool that a lot of companies do not have.

What other advantages are there of using a TMC for meetings and events?

It’s usually better to have a one-stop shop where you buy all the elements of meetings and events together the flights hotel, logistics on the round transfer – rather than spreading it all around. That’s when errors are made and contract deadlines or payments are missed.

If you go to a TMC they will manage the whole booking process, giving you one contract with clearly defined terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, with all the details clearly laid out and organised for you.

Do TMC’s help with anything else relating to meetings and events?

Planet Pursuits are here as specialists for any queries you’ve got regarding meetings bookings, or where they have an event brief and they’re finding part of it a bit tricky. Planet Pursuits, is not just for Christmas so give us a call today.