For anyone planning an event this summer, it will come as no shock the further in advance you plan, the more likely your event will be a smooth running success. Summer events are made in winter, especially if they are large events or involve venues and hotels.

Nothing shouts summer like a lavish outdoor event, however before you hit the shorts and tank tops there is a frosty period where going outside is not an option. With Planet Pursuits help, why not embrace your time indoors and start planning your Summer events? Here’s a few of our top tips for planning a corporate summer event:

Save The Date
Although the summer may seem a very long time away when you’re crouching over your heater, June, July and August are the most popular holiday months so you will want book a date in early. This will ensure that everyone will be around for the celebration – you don’t want anyone to feel left out or that they are missing out!

The Theme
Ideally, if you’re doing a theme it’s best to settle on that before you settle on a venue as it may not be something that certain venues can help cater to.

There are so many fantastic themes perfect for summer corporate events: Midsummer and Enchanted Garden were hugely popular for 2016 and offer up a whole host of creative opportunities for fun décor, entertainment and catering options! Carnival, circus and beach also prevail as favourites.

Experts predict 2017 will be all about technology, pop-up events and event Alice and Wonderland themes this summer!

The Venue
For summer events outdoor space is ESSENTIAL. Luckily most venues seem to agree with this concept and whether you’re holding your event in the heart of a city or somewhere beyond suburbia there are plenty of venues offering outdoor space, be it an intimate roof terrace or sprawling manicured gardens. From quirky urban spaces with hidden gardens to grandiose manor houses, you won’t have any trouble finding something to suit your all-important theme and number of expected guests.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to figure out if they are the right venue for your event!

Operated fairy lights, candles and fire pits (always make sure that your venue allows you to use open flames) are just a few. With the setting sun goes the warmth of its rays and you can’t expect the ambience you’ve worked so hard to create to remain if your guests are freezing, so if you can’t have fire pits outdoor portable heaters are just as good. A great tip is to add a basket full of blankets for that personal touch.

The Extras
Just because it’s a corporate social doesn’t mean you should skip adding branding like you would for an external event. Adding a personal company touches with blankets embossed with your logo, edible branded treats and giveaways will reinforce company values and make your guests feel appreciated!

In this same vein giving your colleagues a little thank you for attending will go a long way.

The Grand Finale
If you bear these ideas in mind when you begin planning your summer event, you will be well on the way to a successful end result that will see both you and your attendees reaping the benefits.

Planet Pursuits Outdoors
From paint balling to sailing we have a number of outdoor activities that would complement your Summer event perfectly. For further inspiration please visit our team building pages.