From a hotels perspective, guests who book via travel management companies (TMC’s) are extremely valuable.

Hotels gain a lot of bookings from TMCs, so you’ll be seen as important. Your TMC recommends and book the hotels best suited to your needs, then works with them to offer an enhanced service to you. Hotels get to know you better, so can give you a tailored guest experience.

From the online travel agency market, everything remains confidential– venues struggle to even get full name details. With a TMC, hotels get all of the guest’s contact information and their personal preferences, which means it can be a more tailored experience. Your TMC knows if you’re a vegetarian or if you like a particular drinks, and can let the hotel know.

Hotels also work with your TMC to keep you safe. If there’s an emergency incident while you’re travelling in a certain city, your TMC can very quickly get in touch with your hotels can help TMC’s to track guests’ movements.

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