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Why choose us? We don’t waffle, it helps us and our clients get to where we want to go much faster! Our aim is always to help you achieve more today, that’s why our focus is on supporting SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises). We know it’s here we can introduce best practice, formulate procedures, offer support and add real value and deliver ROI.  As a company we have a strong moral compass on how we want do business and who we can do business with. It’s about looking for the right fit and that comes from taking the time to understand you and your objectives, but equally knowing our business limits. At the end of the day, we are nice people, delivering a service we like and we like to think our clients like us too.

Our mission is simple: to help our clients achieve more today. We are in the business of travel & events and they are in the business of running a business – it seems like a great fit!
We have an adopted quote at Planet Pursuits ‘the principle business in life is to enjoy it!’ Ok, it may sound cheesy, but it helps guide us and our Director believes if you are not happy in your job, then you are in the wrong job!
Our promise is to deliver a cost-effective, first class service, delivered by motivated and enthusiastic staff. If we don’t, we want to hear about it!
We care about our clients – it makes our job much easier! We know it’s by looking after your interests that secures our development and source of income. We care about our relationships!

How we do it!

  • Investing in people!
  • Investing in technology!
  • Having great ideas & sharing them!
  • Having a flexible approach!
  • Being professional & delivering ROI

  • Enjoying what we do!

Booking management

Over 100 ongoing clients, let’s see what some have to say

We have saved an average of £12.00 per booking, but more importantly gained an average of 22 minutes per booking, by outsourcing all our Travel to Planet Pursuits.
Planet Pursuits manages all our events: the level of support they offer can’t be underestimated. The partnership takes on many forms over many events, but key to their success is understanding our business needs.
Planet Pursuits has a wealth of experience and understanding what makes people tick, the team listens to a brief and is not afraid to voice an opinion, if they don’t think an idea will work. It’s like they are part of my business.

We are a specialists in Corporate Travel, Events and Activities, with one objective in mind, to help you achieve more today!

We invest heavily in the ever changing technical aspect of integrated event systems, so you don't have to.
Give our friendly team a call today and let’s see how we can help you!
Travel management customer support
Travel management customer support
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